Logistics, Store and Inventory Management: Advance Edge

Date Till: 11 July 2020

Logistics, Store and Inventory Management: Advance Edge

Once we acquire the material, Inventory management is a major task. It is only the process that makes the customer, retain the customer, and make the customer happy. We can save huge costs through Inventory Management, and Inventory has always been the biggest concern for the world for customer satisfaction and cost reduction. Inventory Management is a very technical and strategical approach that we can learn through this training and we can enhance customer satisfaction and have significant cost-saving for the organization.
Warehouse or DC is a place for Inventory parking and Inventory movement So there has always been a need to run a warehouse with the best fit, advance, and global practice. At warehouse Inventory turn over with lean and agile methods earmark huge money.

Transportation a Logistics integral part direct affects customer satisfaction and cost reduction. This part ensures the right time, right delivery, right quantity in the right quality. So, on the one hand, it supports procurement and other hand Inventory Management.

Training includes end to end advanced Logistics, Inventory control, and warehousing system through case study, examples, and videos. It is also carrying an understanding of demand planning & forecasting. Operational Excellence and its optimization.

  • It will give a springboard to your career.
  • It will give your organization effective, efficient operational excellence.
  • As a knowledge, it will take you to global supply chain practice. And it will bring organization to a benchmark level of supply chain
Learning Goals
Day 1
Review of  logistics & Inventory 
Training Objective & Career Enhancement
What is the store?
What is the warehouse?
Inventory flow in Store & Warehouse?
Why Inventory is required?
Why Inventory is so important to the Organization?
How does Inventory Get transform in a different form?
Day Q and A 15 minutes
Day 2
Managing Inventory       
Inventory Life cycle
Type of Inventory
Inventory Classification
Inventory Time value
Inventory Control Method and  its importance
Inventory Level Function (Safety Stock, Re-order Level, Min Level, Max level)
Day Qand A 15 minutes

Inventory Control best practice method  Inventory Accuracy
Inventory Movement Method
Inventory Accounting and Valuation
Reason For High Inventory
Stock Reconciliation
Demand Planning, Forecasting and its Impact on Inventory            
What is Demand Planning & Plan The Demand
Forecasting Process
Forecasting Method & Forecast Accuracy
Production, Marketing, Sales, Operation and Supply Chain  process functional role and Inventory
Inventory and Role of S&OP

Day 4

Logistics Introduction
Warehouse and advance method to Run & Control          
Warehouse Capacity Forecasting and Planning
WMS and its type
Warehouse layout and its design
Inventory and warehouse space utilization
Warehouse and advance racking system
Transportation in Supply Chain
Contract Management
What is 3 PL/ 4 PL
Inventory & IT
Inventory and Information Technology
Q/A Hour: Question and Answers


Date: 11 July 2020
Venue: Zoom (Live session)
Duration: 10 hours
Schedule: Weekend- Saturday (8 AM to 10.30 AM)Live PNG Images | Vector and PSD Files | Free Download on Pngtree
Investment: Actual: NPR 10,000

Special Pendamic Discounted: Rs. 4000 (Excluding VAT)


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