Date Till: 7 September 2019


The major objectives of training are to;
  • Equip the participants with the application know-how including latest developments in stores and inventory management.
  • Familiarize with various concepts of Stores and Inventory Management including Physical inventory checks, priorities and roles in business consolidation.
  • Evaluate procedures, change and improve methods wasteful activities and excess costs.
  • Apply the acquired techniques and essential tools for the effective management of store and inventory.
Course Outcome
After attending the session participants will gain in depth knowledge on;
  • How does store works and inventory function for stores?
  • How does Inventory play role in organization revenue generation ?
  • Different Level of Inventory and fix them  for  continuous Inventory Flow.
  • ways to ensure Inventory Accuracy in all forms .
Who should attend?
  • Materials , logistics and production professionals
  • Production controllers
  • Material and inventory planners
  • Schedulers
  • Stores and finance personnel
Contents  for training are ;
What does Inventory mean?
  • Complete  definition and  in-depth knowledge of Inventory
Inventory  Purpose
  • Why Inventory is required ?
  • Why Inventory is so important to Organization?
Inventory  Classification
  • Complete Inventory Kind and their Details (ABC and FSN)
Inventory Transformation
  • How Inventory get transform in different form?
  • What are those forms?
  • How the Inventory Moves? (Lead Time, Transit Time)
  • EOQ(Economic Order Quantity)
Inventory Flow Chart
  • Within Storage Inventory
  • Flow Chart( Received, GRN,
  • Put away, Picking,Inventory Issue, Dispatch)
Inventory Control and its Method
  • Inventory Control Method and  its importance Complete Inventory
  • Control and their Explanation
Inventory Level Fixation
  • What is Inventory Level? How do we fix it?
  • Inventory Level Function (Safety Stock, Re-order Level, Min Level, Max level)
Inventory Valuation
  • Inventory for costing and Accounting Purpose (Landed Cost, Material Acquisition Cost, Valuation-FIFO,LIFO, Weightage valuation)

Internationally Experienced Trainer from India

8 hours training (9 A.M to 5 P.M)
Cost: NPR. 4500 plus levied tax
Date:  7th Sept ,2019

Venue: FDC premises

Tel No: 5707271, 5706314/ 9801048455 (Elina)