Workshop on KPI metrics for smart performance evaluation

Date Till: 26 November 2019

Workshop on KPI metrics for smart performance evaluation

FDC’s workshop on “KPI Metrics for smart performance evaluation” is therefore specifically designed to ensure that you design, implement and use KPIs correctly for the maximum impact with the minimum fuss. When used properly KPIs can become the compass that can guide you through even the choppiest of corporate waters leading your business to even greater success and prosperity. 
Objectives of Training:
After completion of this course participants will be able to: 
  • Understand the concept and practices of KPI
  •  Use KPIs to drive performance
  • Determine which KPIs should be used and when to Design KPI for every employee
  • Measure and Communicate KPI insight effectively

 Course Outcome;

The benefits of measuring Key Performance Indicator:

  • A systematic and quick way of seeing the actual performance of a goal, target or strategic objective.
  • Better decision making having accurate and visible measures to back them up.
  • Can allow management to see the company or department performance in one place.

Training Methodology

Case Study 
Role Play/ Simulation 
Lecture Discussion and 
Sharing/ Participation

Targeted Participants

Personnel of HR Department
Functional Head
Top Management
Admin Officers

The basic contents of training are;

Concept, Practice and misconception about Key Performance Indicator [KPI]
  • Characteristics of KPI
  • Benefit of KPI
  • Characteristics of organization which has KPI based system
  • Types, Targets and KPI Mistakes
  • Practicing KPI in everywhere: in Personal Life, in Social Life and in Professional Life

Module-2: KPI based Performance Management System
  • Characteristics of KPI based Performance Management System [PMS]
  • Importance & Benefits of KPI based PMS
  • How to link individual performance to Profit

Module-3: Methods & Techniques for Right KPI Selection
  • Meaning of RIGHT KPI
  • KPI Selection/ development technique
  • Role of individual of KPI implementation project
  • Developing Key Performance Questions
  • KPI selection criteria
  • KPI balancing
  • Techniques for giving weightage of KPI

Module-4: Design and Alignment of KPI for different level/Departments
  • Design organizational KPI
  • Techniques for cascade down of KPI towards individual
  •  Design Functional/ Departmental KPI
  • Design Individual KPI
  • Techniques for making alignment of KPI of all level

Module-5: KPI Assessment Framework
  • Design Assessment Framework for individual level KPI
  • Design Assessment Framework for Functional/ Organizational level KPI
  • Design detail score option for every KPI
  • Design standard measurement tools aligning with KPI Assessment Framework
  • Awareness and training of Assessor of KPI assessment
Training Fee

Rs.4500 per head plus government levied tax

Venue: FDC Training Hall

Time: 9am - 5 pm

Date: 6th July 2019, Saturday

For More Details
Contact: 9801048455 (Ms. Elina Sapkota)

Thank You!